Spring Calling

Japan still cold winter now, so I had an idea to make above pic.
This pic shows a girl waiting for call from spring^^ of course, spring is a season so it does not use Cell Phone XD, but I wanted to make it personification^^
Also, I tried to make composition like japanese traditional painting with this pic, it have some unique forms, for example.. have not strong perspective, show depth with bottom line position of objects on pic, simplified lines to make strong suit for the screen, and etc...

Then I put a Cell Phone, Cell Phone and Kimono(japanese traditional dress) can be symbols of japanese culture both, and also it makes "mix" tradition and modern, so I thought it is "graphical" ^^

I made above pic without any post-process on graphics app, and this time, I wanted to avoid to show floor surface, so I used 100% alpha texture for the floor prim.

I also made gradient transparency prim for HUD.
This prim was made to give effect looks like old camera lens in real life^^
The texture have circle gradient around near edges, and it makes ppl to remember memories of Photography.

Hair: Zero Style
Clothies: Fukuneko
Object(Antique Screen): ANTIKI-TAKI


hes said...

I think that a telephone gives good taste.
For the feeling that I really wait for, a sad feeling comes very much.
The plum of the hair ornament is good, too.
Nice mixture!

Mikati Slade said...

Thank you for your comment, hes^^
I am glad you to have your own feeling with my pic.

Sedai Kaligawa said...

beautiful composition Mikati! I love your personification of the Season. I look forward to your next post!