POPSCAPE - Mikati Slade Artwork

This is an art-building in online virtual world Second Life.
Size: 64W, 64D, 45H (meter)
Exhibited at BURN2 Festival (USA), Oct 2011.
- Largest size of all BURN2 exhibitors.
- 8 variations gifts.
- 5 DJ events by 6 DJ performers.

[Official Theme]
Rites of Passage

[My Concept]
Once in a while, an important event or realization happens that changes us forever. This change often comes with mixed feelings - fear and hope, loss and opportunity. This artwork tries to capture these feelings. The skulls is our fear for the future, our loss of the past. The hearts is our hope and excitement for the future, our optimism that all will go well, our love for ourselves. The bows blessedly tie all together. Overall, this work tries to communicate a natural and dynamic optimism about the future of people in times of change.

DJ event by FREAK GIRL at POPSCAPE got top traffic of  all the BURN2 areas at the time.

Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)
Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)
Streaming Adviser: Jordy Parkin (UK)
DJ Performers: Ema Burt (FREAK GIRL, Japan), cherry Jun (FREAK GIRL, Japan), DJ Jordy (UK), DJ Spadey (USA), DJ Skips (USA), DJ Eifa (Zurich)

POPALOOZA - Mikati Slade Artwork

This is an art-building in online virtual world Second Life.
Size: 80W, 80D, 70H (meter)
Exhibited at PiRats Art Network Gallery (France), Oct 2011.

The world is in turmoil. People around the world are troubled by the unfortunate situations that they find themselves in. Some have chosen to fight, some have not. Some are winning, some are losing. For the most part, the status quo remains the same. For many, life is merciless.

This artwork blesses everyone and everything. Good and bad, fortunate and unfortunate, life and death. It endorses living without doubt or fear. It looks straight into the future, rising above death.
Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)
Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)


The Best of Second Life features Mikati

The Best of Second Life (BOSL) -- a top magazine about Virtual World -- has a 10-page feature on Mikati's art called "GAME ON! - Japanese Art Goes POP" (page 144-153).
Great design, text and pictures. Also, this issue have exclusive interview with Duran Duran. Everyone must check it!

[Flash edition on Internet]
(Enter the page number 144 on bottom left corner)

[Second Life in-world book]
BOSL magazine headquater building
SLURL: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Renaissance%20Galler...
(Get the prim-book from Kiosk or billboard at there)

[BOSL 2011 August issue featured articles]
Exclusive interview with Duran Duran
Amaretto Horses - Galloping Across the Grid
Shan - Sensual, Stylish Swimwear
Miss Virtual World 2011 - Styling with Serene Faith
Game On! - Japanese Art Goes POP
Man of The Moment - Meet Mr Virtual World 2011
The Future is Now - Amazing Avant-Garde male fasion

[The Best of Second Life (BOSL) website]


TOGETHER - Mikati Slade Artwork

This is my art-building for SL8B (8th celebrations event of online virtual world Second Life).
The official theme is "The Magic of Second Life".
It exhibited during Jun 20 - July 2, 2011. (32m Width, 40m Height).
It chosen official Linden Lab Destination Guide showcase and 1000+ people visited to this building.

[About this building]
The Japanese Pop-style exhibit that have many statues of happy and cute figures of various looks (racial, etc.). It's about relationships of people from around the world without limits or handicaps.

[The concept]
People are often inhibited by numerous limits and handicaps, such as their appearance, gender, or age. In envisioning a better future, it makes sense to try to address this issue. In Second Life, people can push aside some of the obstacles that trouble them in real life and live, work, and develop relationships in a freer environment. It's the vision of a better future materialized in Second Life today. This is the magic of Second Life.

Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)
Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)

[Medias and Blogs about TOGETHER]
SL Newser - People : Meet Mikati Slade
SLife Fantastic
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はるのの日記 (Japanese language)

Decorama - Mikati Slade Artwork

Societies shape people's identities. Modern societies have become more and more consumption-centric. As a result, modern identities have become consumption-centric too.

But the world is changing. Economic malaise and natural catastrophies, like those of Japan, are changing our societies. And, as societies change, so do our identities.

This Japanese-Pop style artwork attempts to show that the modern consumption society is changing and people's identities are shifting toward new directions.

Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)
Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)

This art-building exhibited at PiRats Omega Art Gallery in Second Life(June 7 - July 2, 2011).
Outdoor Building 30m height, 60m width.


BUDS - Artwork of Mikati Slade

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. The following tsunami devastasted the north eastern coast and damaged nuclear power plants. Radiation in the air and sea is threatening the world environment right now. This artwork is dedicated to all the victims.

BUDS shows two persons with buds on their heads using the Japanese 8-bit graphics style. It is meant to talk about new beginnings and possibilities and instill hope for the future.

Destruction and the loss of life can make us despair. However, every end is also a beginning. New buds grow. Even in the most difficult circumstances, it is possible to find hope and a positive outlook for the future. This is the message of this artwork. Thank you.

Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)

Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)

This is my art-building in online virtual world Second Life. It exhibited at PiRats Art Network Gallery (April 11 - May 5, 2011).