Happy New Year 2009!

Happy new year to all of SLers! ^.^
In japan, new year 3days are important days with tradition that called "Oshougatsu".
They decorate their houses, put traditional clothies, go to shirne, and eat baked rice cake ^^
They also had christmas events few days ago, so japanese old big media (TV, etc) change the mood from christmas to Oshougatsu quickly! @o@

Anyway, this tradition have unique style, so I thought it will fun if I make it at SL^^

I made above pic only at SL, yes, this is a snapshot without any works on graphics app.
I built this "photo studio" at a sandbox.

Letters made by reguler prims and I attached it to HUD when taking snapshot.
I wanted to make "japanese letters mood" with english alphabets, so I placed them from top to bottom and showed virtical lines, writing from top to bottom is japanese traditional style you know^^
And I put some degrees with the prim letters, so virtical parts of them became thick and looks like more japanese traditional mood^^

Hair: Zero Style
Clothies: Fukuneko


Emily said...

Happy New Year to you too Mikati :) Your pics look amazing!

hes said...

A Happy New Year.
This is a perfect New Year's card.
A font is good, too, and a kimono becomes you, too.
You are super pretty.
Japanese say "kawai sugiru" @o@

Mikati Slade said...

Thank you for your great comments, Emily and hes ^^