Daisy Delight

Spring does not come yet, in japan, it will comes in few monthes, so I made spring on my pic ^o^
This time, I wanted to make taste like "Water Color Illustration" because I tought it will shows spring mood well^^ and also I wanted to make it without post-process... anyway, I started to work it!

This is whole view of "photo studio" for the pic. You can see some transparency boards... these will make water color effects ^^

Flower objects that I bought allowed to modify, so I had an idea to make "daisy cap" !
Then, I got help from my friend Emily to make title for the pic and she made great title^^
I am really loving the title "Daisy Delight" ^^


hes said...

I also got spring. Thank you.
Daisy cap is very suited.
The title called Daisy Delight is gooood^^