Merry Xmas from Outer Space

Merry Xmas to all of SLers! ^.^
Reciently, I am enojoying to make snapshots at SL, and Xmas is very good opportunity to make it i thought, so I made this pic ^^
This pic shows an astronaut girl in the space, and I tried to make letters that have laser beam effect ^^

This snapshot shows work in progress.
I was trying to make above pic without any re-touch work on graphics apps because I wanted to make it with concentrate for short term.
This limitation also makes simple and "live" feel, so I like the way^^

About letters, I made them with reguler prims.
You can see all of the fonts behind me on the pic^^
Then, I made some effects and wear it to HUD!
HUD seems to make Parallel projection, so it is good for graphics design also^^

Btw, my cute cloties from "-SHE- Christmas Lolita White".
I love the hood shape a lot :D


Memories of Burning Life

Biggest art festival in SL "Burning Life" made many memories for me.
It was really exciting festival :D Me and my friend Emily made large art building for it, and this is my first "Art work in Virtual World"!! That's future really !

I like the name "Burning Life" a lot, I think this is better name than Burning Man in real life ;) Because I think life is temporaly, so ppl must"burn" their life and having passion to creation.

Btw, very cute yellow bear on above pic is gift for our building from Molly Linden :) Thank you very much!
The cute bear holds a Placard that says "You have a GREAT Burning Life build!":D
I felt this is a gold medal for our building , so I made above pic that looks like gold medalist in olympic :D

I will not forget my "Burning Life mind"and I want keep it forever.
Thank you Burning Life!


Burning Life!! Sep.27 - Oct.5 (#2)

Burning Life began at last! and too many ppl visit to the
22 Sims always.This is really big festival^0^ I am happy to join for it as a builder^^Exhibit at Mikati's percel : "POP ERODES EVERYTHING"
Me and my friend Emily made too large "Pop-Art" building for Burning Life !!@o@
You can see this at : Region: Burning Life (Optic) , Percel ID: 263
This building looks really Pop but also this is Pop-Art, so I hope you to enjoy your feeling with it as you like ^^

Btw, I made
above poster and there are 3 versions, let's get all posters at there ^0^

"POP ERODES EVERYTHING" exhibit for Burning Life 2008
Artist : Mikati Slade
Robot design and special thanks: Emily Lang


Burning Life!! Sep.27 - Oct.5 (#1)

In Real Life, there is a big art event "Burning Man", and there is a similler event in SL also!
It named "Burning Life"^0^
I was so exciting when I visit to there last year, and this year, I won with lottely to get percel for it!
Mikati's percel - Region: Burning Life (Optic) , Percel ID: 263

I made camp-base at first, this is important to making festival mood for me^0^
Then, I started to think about concept of the main artwork with my friend Emily.

btw, most of my camping items from
"An Arcadia Asylum Library".
You can get many great objects at there for free.

I placed some daily necessities^0^
...hmm, it needs drinks..but I could not find one what I like, so...

I made Japanese Retro Drink^0^
Oh, then, it needs drink vendor..ok..

I made a drink vendor also ^0^
you can get a drink from random 4 flavors with touch,
please try it at my percel!


I got a nice object ^0^

This avatar figure object named "Noob Male AFK by Art Laxness"
I like this ^0^