Merry Xmas from Outer Space

Merry Xmas to all of SLers! ^.^
Reciently, I am enojoying to make snapshots at SL, and Xmas is very good opportunity to make it i thought, so I made this pic ^^
This pic shows an astronaut girl in the space, and I tried to make letters that have laser beam effect ^^

This snapshot shows work in progress.
I was trying to make above pic without any re-touch work on graphics apps because I wanted to make it with concentrate for short term.
This limitation also makes simple and "live" feel, so I like the way^^

About letters, I made them with reguler prims.
You can see all of the fonts behind me on the pic^^
Then, I made some effects and wear it to HUD!
HUD seems to make Parallel projection, so it is good for graphics design also^^

Btw, my cute cloties from "-SHE- Christmas Lolita White".
I love the hood shape a lot :D