Memories of Burning Life

Biggest art festival in SL "Burning Life" made many memories for me.
It was really exciting festival :D Me and my friend Emily made large art building for it, and this is my first "Art work in Virtual World"!! That's future really !

I like the name "Burning Life" a lot, I think this is better name than Burning Man in real life ;) Because I think life is temporaly, so ppl must"burn" their life and having passion to creation.

Btw, very cute yellow bear on above pic is gift for our building from Molly Linden :) Thank you very much!
The cute bear holds a Placard that says "You have a GREAT Burning Life build!":D
I felt this is a gold medal for our building , so I made above pic that looks like gold medalist in olympic :D

I will not forget my "Burning Life mind"and I want keep it forever.
Thank you Burning Life!