Burning Life!! Sep.27 - Oct.5 (#2)

Burning Life began at last! and too many ppl visit to the
22 Sims always.This is really big festival^0^ I am happy to join for it as a builder^^Exhibit at Mikati's percel : "POP ERODES EVERYTHING"
Me and my friend Emily made too large "Pop-Art" building for Burning Life !!@o@
You can see this at : Region: Burning Life (Optic) , Percel ID: 263
This building looks really Pop but also this is Pop-Art, so I hope you to enjoy your feeling with it as you like ^^

Btw, I made
above poster and there are 3 versions, let's get all posters at there ^0^

"POP ERODES EVERYTHING" exhibit for Burning Life 2008
Artist : Mikati Slade
Robot design and special thanks: Emily Lang