Burning Life!! Sep.27 - Oct.5 (#1)

In Real Life, there is a big art event "Burning Man", and there is a similler event in SL also!
It named "Burning Life"^0^
I was so exciting when I visit to there last year, and this year, I won with lottely to get percel for it!
Mikati's percel - Region: Burning Life (Optic) , Percel ID: 263

I made camp-base at first, this is important to making festival mood for me^0^
Then, I started to think about concept of the main artwork with my friend Emily.

btw, most of my camping items from
"An Arcadia Asylum Library".
You can get many great objects at there for free.

I placed some daily necessities^0^
...hmm, it needs drinks..but I could not find one what I like, so...

I made Japanese Retro Drink^0^
Oh, then, it needs drink vendor..ok..

I made a drink vendor also ^0^
you can get a drink from random 4 flavors with touch,
please try it at my percel!


Emily said...

you're the cutest thing ^^

Mikati Slade said...
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Mikati Slade said...

thank you for your comment emily ^0^
(btw i failed above comment XD)