BUDS - Artwork of Mikati Slade

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. The following tsunami devastasted the north eastern coast and damaged nuclear power plants. Radiation in the air and sea is threatening the world environment right now. This artwork is dedicated to all the victims.

BUDS shows two persons with buds on their heads using the Japanese 8-bit graphics style. It is meant to talk about new beginnings and possibilities and instill hope for the future.

Destruction and the loss of life can make us despair. However, every end is also a beginning. New buds grow. Even in the most difficult circumstances, it is possible to find hope and a positive outlook for the future. This is the message of this artwork. Thank you.

Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)

Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)

This is my art-building in online virtual world Second Life. It exhibited at PiRats Art Network Gallery (April 11 - May 5, 2011).