POPSCAPE - Mikati Slade Artwork

This is an art-building in online virtual world Second Life.
Size: 64W, 64D, 45H (meter)
Exhibited at BURN2 Festival (USA), Oct 2011.
- Largest size of all BURN2 exhibitors.
- 8 variations gifts.
- 5 DJ events by 6 DJ performers.

[Official Theme]
Rites of Passage

[My Concept]
Once in a while, an important event or realization happens that changes us forever. This change often comes with mixed feelings - fear and hope, loss and opportunity. This artwork tries to capture these feelings. The skulls is our fear for the future, our loss of the past. The hearts is our hope and excitement for the future, our optimism that all will go well, our love for ourselves. The bows blessedly tie all together. Overall, this work tries to communicate a natural and dynamic optimism about the future of people in times of change.

DJ event by FREAK GIRL at POPSCAPE got top traffic of  all the BURN2 areas at the time.

Artist: Mikati Slade (Japan)
Title and Special Thanks: Emily Lang (Greece)
Streaming Adviser: Jordy Parkin (UK)
DJ Performers: Ema Burt (FREAK GIRL, Japan), cherry Jun (FREAK GIRL, Japan), DJ Jordy (UK), DJ Spadey (USA), DJ Skips (USA), DJ Eifa (Zurich)