hello. hello. - Mikati Slade Artwork

hello. hello. offers an uncritical look at our social constructs of reality.
It is about what we want to hear and see, as opposed to what we often hear and see.
It is about the most adorable human forms, unwavering smiles, and friendly attitudes.
It is about a spontaneity without doubt or hesitation.
A measure of these qualities is present in children.
hello. hello. reflects this.

This is my contemporary-art building titled "hello. hello." in online virtual world Second Life.
It exhibit at Omega Art Gallery during Nov. 23, 2010 - Dec. 18, 2010 (SLT).
Gifts also available, please click the building to get it.
Omega Art Gallery Website

"hello. hello." by Mikati Slade, 2010
Artist : Mikati Slade
Concept : Mikati Slade, Emily Lang
Title/Description : Emily Lang