The Best of Second Life features Mikati

The Best of Second Life (BOSL) -- a top magazine about Virtual World -- has a 10-page feature on Mikati's art called "GAME ON! - Japanese Art Goes POP" (page 144-153).
Great design, text and pictures. Also, this issue have exclusive interview with Duran Duran. Everyone must check it!

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BOSL magazine headquater building
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[BOSL 2011 August issue featured articles]
Exclusive interview with Duran Duran
Amaretto Horses - Galloping Across the Grid
Shan - Sensual, Stylish Swimwear
Miss Virtual World 2011 - Styling with Serene Faith
Game On! - Japanese Art Goes POP
Man of The Moment - Meet Mr Virtual World 2011
The Future is Now - Amazing Avant-Garde male fasion

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